Cloud services for companies


Cloud computing, commonly known as the cloud, is a business data processing model. Its operation is carried out using services available remotely via a computer network or the Internet. Clouds are therefore nothing but network servers, located in various places around the world. Launching a cloud service for businesses allows primarily to store company data and files. In addition, clouds facilitate the use of software and remote running of the company, without the need to install additional applications. This allows you to protect your business against theft of important data or loss of files in the event of a hardware failure.

As part of the cloud service for companies, we work together with the client in order to develop a cloud adaptation plan, so that it corresponds to the individual business needs of the company. We manage the service, maintaining the highest security standard, stability and freedom of configuration. Thanks to this, our clients receive support adequate to their business.

Cloud services and their types :

  • Cloud servers (Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS)

The most comprehensive cloud service solution. The customer is responsible for all the software, including applications, drivers, environment, while the supplier is responsible for providing infrastructure in the form of a server with security.

  • Platform (PaaS)

PaaS works like its predecessor, i.e. IaaS, with the only difference that the service provider, apart from servers, is also responsible for providing a programming environment. The maintenance of the system is no longer a concern to a client, who can focus on creating a profitable business.

  • Software (Software as a Service – SaaS)

Using this solution the customer decides on the finished product. The supplier takes care of all aspects, including hardware, software, servers, programming environment and applications. The configured server is available to the user at any time and from anywhere on Earth.