Freepbx – VOIP telephone exchange

An efficient telephone exchange is, next to efficient servers and quick-to-use mailboxes, one of the most important elements of a successful business. Most companies currently use their own telephone exchange. Especially as it allows not only communication via landline phones, but also from a computer and telephone application. FreePBX is a perfect example of such a telephone exchange.

FreePBX is a modern VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony system, managed from a web browser, specifically a website. It is based on the Asterisk telephone exchange engine, which is currently the most powerful from the technical perpesctive and, at the same time, the one that is being developed at the fastest. FreePBX has a graphic overlay that allows to significantly shorten the process of implementation and configuration of the control panel in the enterprise. In addition, FreePBX can be installed both on a physical server or in the cloud.


What does FreePBX offer?

FreePBX telephone exchange management through a browser.

This means that after logging into the control pane,l you can configure its settings in various ways. From the browser level, you have access to call reports, you can add new user accounts, control incoming calls or  even control the distribution of connections in the company.

Creating a company announcement before starting the call.

The advanced IVR function allows customers who call the hotline to choose buttons which will eventually redirect them to the appropriate department and a consultant who is competent in a given issue. Access to the Cofluence knowledge base and Rocket.Chat messenger will streamline the consultant’s work.

Queuing, recording and distribution of connections.

The FreePBX telephone exchange is able to handle the most absorbing Call Center or Hotline. This is possible thanks to the advanced distribution system and queuing of incoming connections. Additionally, conversations conducted by consultants can be eavesdropped in real time, but also recorded and listened to at later time.

Addition of several VoIP operators.

FreePBX allows you to connect several VoIP operators to the system. This ensures that the business continuity is maintained in the event of a sudden and unforeseen failure. If for some reason there are problems with connections operated by one of the operators, you can continue to make outgoing connections by another operator, until the problems are resolved.

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