IT consulting


IT technology is currently the fastest growing technology in the world, and IT consulting and solutions offered by global companies are of great importance for the functioning of enterprises. In particular on the course of business processes and the security of stored data. However, choosing the right IT network for companies is not an easy undertaking. Manufacturers of computer equipment or IT software are constantly introducing new products and improving existing technologies. It is very easy to fall into the whirl of marketing hooks and choose an offer that is attractive from a commercial point of view. However, technically completely misses the business potential of the company. Understanding the needs of our clients, we offer comprehensive IT consulting.

We support our clients in choosing the most effective IT system that will meet our client’s real needs and financial expectations.

Range of services:

  • Analysis of the current state of IT infrastructure in business.
  • Verification as well as optimization of current company costs.
  • Preparation of documentation.
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of current IT systems.
  • IT investment planning.
  • Installation of physical security access to IT systems.
  • Preparation of recommendations as part of the construction, modernization, as well as development of IT infrastructure and selection of the most advantageous suppliers in terms of both IT and financial for the enterprise.
  • Support in choosing computer hardware for the company.
  • Consultation, advice and also support in the process of implementing new software.
  • Advice on the modernization of existing IT infrastructure and changes in service providers.
  • Contact with service providers as well as support in negotiations with them.