IT services outsourcing

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Outsourcing of IT services as one of the elements of the modern business strategy has blended in with the activities of most companies on the market. It involves the transfer of IT services to an external company. Such a solution allows avoiding costs necessary to create an internal IT structure and gives more time to focus on the development of the company’s fundamental area of ​​activity. This in turn directly translates into the subsequent success of the company.

The main purpose of outsourcing is primarily to improve the efficiency and security of the IT system and reduce related costs. Therefore, we offer full outsourcing of IT services as well as technical support for IT departments. Especially for those who decide to delegate tasks to an external company.

Range of services:
  • Minimizing company downtime associated with hardware and software failures.
  • Comprehensive IT service amd removal of reported problems.
  • One point of contact in all matters related to IT.
  • Ensuring IT security in the company.
  • Compliance with and creation of security procedures as well as GDPR procedures.
  • Efficient removal of all current equipment and software faults.
  • IT environment administration, monitoring and counteracting downtime in the company, management of users priviledges.
  • IT audit of the entire IT infrastructure, including hardware, software, procedures and processes.
  • Creation and maintenance of the most important IT procedures, including procedures in accordance with IT GDPR (in cooperation with the client’s legal department).
  • Selection, sale and individual configuration of equipment for customer needs, as well as preparation of an individual offer for specific requirements.
  • Periodic reporting of infrastructure status to optimize the IT environment.
  • Support in the selection of financial and accounting programs and other software necessary for the work of your business.
  • Ensuring increased network and data security.