IT support

obsluga informatyczna ikona

Professional IT service is a basic component of our services . We provide comprehensive technical support, server administration, and care for computer hardware and IT devices. We also guarantee the service of the implemented software and management of the proper functioning of the network.

By undertaking IT care for your company, we become the first emergency help line and support in the daily work of users of the company’s IT system. Therefore, we guarantee a quick response to reported failures, efficiency and data security. IT support is primarily focused on achieving the goals set by our customers. In our activities, we use experience and developed strategies that enable efficient implementation of contracted work.

Range of services:

  • Correcting current faults and hardware and software problems.
  • Remote assistance as well as user support in their daily work.
  • Workstation IT service.
  • Diagnostics and removal of simple faults with computer hardware, including: replacement of hard drives, adding of operational memory, as well as replacement of components.
  • Creating instructions for users.
  • Training users in the use of IT systems.
  • Help in choosing and installing computer hardware
  • Advice on the purchase and installation of effective software.
  • Update and ongoing software control.
  • Configuration of network, Internet and e-mail accounts.
  • Protection of equipment, networks and corporate data against failures, theft or virus attacks.
  • Solving problems with office applications
  • Configuration of peripherals including scanners, printers, monitors and projectors.