Modernization and development of IT infrastructure

Modernizacja i rozwój infrastruktury IT

Nowadays, almost every company uses IT solutions. Computer equipment has ceased to be just a tool for checking e-mail, performing banking operations and preparing documentation. Companies focusing on innovation and progress use modern IT systems to manage almost all of their business resources. There are also enterprises which, due to the type of business, could not operate without solutions offered by new technologies. Therefore, the modernization and development of IT infrastructure is a very important stage in the natural development of the company. In turn, effective infrastructure that meets the needs of the company is the basis for efficient functioning in business, and in addition, the drive wheel in achieving its goals.

The modernization and improvement of IT infrastructure offered by our company include developing guidelines for its expansion. Moreover, we ensure that the most attractive and the most efficient solution is selected while minimizing costs. We assess the company’s current demand for the IT environment based on the company’s future plans. We estimate current equipment operation and business development intentions to finally select the best service providers.

Range of services:

  • Virtualization of servers and ICT networks.
  • Configuration of routers, launch of Internet access both in wired as well as in wireless technology.
  • Modernization of the network and server environment.
  • IT systems consolidation.
  • Data migration to the cloud.
  • Workstation security management in a company.
  • Monitoring of owned software licenses.
  • Workstation repair.
  • Implementation of changes as well as the construction, modernization and development of IT infrastructure.