About us

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Who we are

A team of specialists in the field of IT, which effectively and efficiently implements IT systems for business clients.

Our mission

Our goal is your peaceful sleep and trouble-free operation of your company.

What we do

We do not only deal with solving IT problems, but we focus on prevention and adequate protection of clients against problems.

Our history

We have been operating on the IT market since 2001. We focus mainly on serving small and medium enterprises, implementing various IT systems for business. We operate comprehensively and always effectively, focusing primarily on safety. Our knowledge and experience allow for quick and efficient removal of any defects. With us your company will achieve more.

How are we doing

  • 01

  • Audit

    We start our work by conducting a detailed verification verifying the operation of systems and enabling the detection of any gaps or faults that may be of key importance for the security of the company and the data it stores.

  • 02

  • Report with corrections

    As a result of the audit, your company receives a summary report, a list indicating existing gaps in the security system and recommendations for post-audit activities.

  • 03

  • Implementation of corrections

    Knowing the IT problems your business is facing, we will create an individual schedule of activities and implement the plan meticulously step by step.

  • 04

  • Constant comprehensive IT support

    As part of the work started, we provide comprehensive IT support. We deal with day-to-day server administration, constant care of computer hardware and IT devices, service implemented software, and ensure the proper functioning of the network.

  • 05

  • Knowledge transfer

    We attach particular importance to proper training of the people employed in the company. We respond to behaviors that may threaten the security of the company, eliminate incorrect habits and suggest how to act so as not to expose the company to losses.

  • 06

  • A good night's sleep for the client

    Your trust is extremely important to us, which is why we make every effort to implement the assumptions and give your company a security guarantee. We work and you sleep peacefully.

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