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We care about the security of data stored in your company, we support modern technologies to improve business operations, implement solutions to achieve the best results and achieve business goals, and advise on the selection of the most effective IT infrastructure for your company.

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  • IT support

    Professional IT service is a basic component of our services. We provide comprehensive technical support, server administration, care for computer hardware and IT devices, service of the implemented software and management of the proper functioning of the network. By undertaking IT care for your company, we become the first emergency help line and support in the daily work of users of the company's IT system. We guarantee a quick response to reported failures, efficiency and data security. Our activities are always focused primarily on achieving the goals set by our clients, using experience and developed strategies that allow efficient implementation of commissioned work.

  • IT services outsourcing

    Outsourcing, as one of the elements of modern business strategy, has blended in with the activities of most companies on the market. It consists in the transfer of IT services to an external company, which avoids the costs associated with the need to create an internal IT structure in the company and focus on the development of the company's fundamental area of ​​activity, which directly translates into the subsequent success of the company.

    The main purpose of outsourcing is to improve the efficiency and security of the IT system and reduce related costs. As part of the service, we offer full IT outsourcing, but also technical support for IT departments that decide to delegate part of their tasks to an external company.

  • Cloud services for companies

    Cloud computing, colloquially called the cloud, is a model of business data processing using services available remotely via a computer network or the Internet. Clouds are therefore nothing but network servers, located in various places around the world. They enable the storage of data and company files, the use of software and remote running of the company without the need to install additional applications. This allows you to protect your business against theft of important data or loss of files in the event of a hardware failure.

    As part of the service, we develop a cloud adaptation plan with the client to meet the individual business needs of the company. We manage the service, maintaining the highest standard of security, stability and freedom of configuration, thanks to which our clients receive support tailored to their business.

  • Modernization and development of IT infrastructure

    Today, almost every company uses IT solutions. Computer equipment has ceased to be just a tool for checking e-mail, performing banking operations and preparing documentation. Companies focusing on innovation and progress use modern IT systems to manage almost all of their business resources. There are also enterprises which, due to the type of business, could not operate without solutions offered by new IT technologies.

    Therefore, modernization and development of IT infrastructure is another very important stage in the natural development of the company. In turn, an effective infrastructure responding to the needs of an enterprise is the basis for efficient functioning in business and a driving wheel in achieving its goals.

    Our offer includes an effective system for developing guidelines for the expansion, modernization and creation of IT infrastructure, choosing the most attractive and most efficient solutions, while minimizing costs. We will assess the company's current demand for IT environment based on the company's future plans and estimate the current equipment operation and business development intentions to finally select the best service providers.

  • IT consulting

    IT technology is currently the fastest growing technology in the world, and IT solutions offered by global companies are of great importance for the functioning of enterprises, in particular for the course of business processes and the security of stored data. However, choosing the right IT network for companies is not an easy undertaking. Manufacturers of computer equipment or IT software are constantly introducing new products and improving existing technologies. It is very easy to fall into the whirl of marketing hooks and choose an offer that is attractive from the commercial point of view, but technically completely unsuccessful in the business potential of the company.

    Understanding the needs of our clients, we offer comprehensive IT consulting in the field of the most effective selection of an IT system that will meet the real needs and financial expectations of our client.

  • IT audit

    Currently, almost every enterprise, also one-man, uses IT technologies in its operations. Therefore, data protection of the enterprise and its clients has become a priority for company owners, for whom any leaks may result not only in the loss of image, but above all in huge financial losses, not to mention legal consequences. To avoid this, it's worth investing in a professional IT audit.

    As part of our audit activities, we offer the implementation of systems that guarantee cybersecurity of the company. We carry out a comprehensive verification verifying the proper operation of security processes and enabling the detection of any shortcomings that threaten the company's assets and the data in their resources.

    As a result, your company receives a report containing a summary along with an indication of vulnerabilities in the security system and recommendations for post-audit activities.

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