Wireguard – VPN server


Wireguard is a simple, fast and modern open-source VPN protocol that uses cryptography. Its main purpose is to simplify data encryption and, as promised by manufacturers, to be faster and easier to use than those that are currently considered the best – OpenVPN and IKEv2.

The server was designed as a general-purpose VPN, primarily for working on complex computers and interfaces. Initially it was released for Linux, but currently it is as well compatible with other systems – Windows, MacOS, iOS, Buntu, Android.

Although the protocol is under development, many consider it to be the simplest and most effective VPN solution at the moment. Check on your own!

What does Wireguard offer?

Easy configuration

A simple interface allows for efficient implementation. The user establishes a VPN connection by exchanging keys, the rest is already supported by Wireguard. It allows smooth transition between IP addresses, so you don’t have to manage connections and worry about settings.


The server uses modern cryptography methods such as Noise, Curve25519, ChaCha20, Poly1305, BLAKE2, SipHash24 and HKDF.

Minimal attack surface

The implementation of WireGuard is done through several lines of code that are easy to check for security vulnerabilities. Moreover, the server is easy to configure for independent users.

High performance

The use of cryptographic protocols and the fact that Wireguard is supported by Linux makes secure networks much faster. Perfect for both mobile devices as well as for fully loaded routers.

Wireguard is a thoughtful solution

It was created as a result of a long and well thought out creative process, with a lot of detailed documentation.

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