Zimbra – Email server


Efficient exchange of e-mail correspondence is currently the basis for most businesses. In addition, it is one of the most effective ways for quick and substantive communication with employees or contractors. It is not an uncommon situation that e-mail exchange inside a company becomes so masive that it becomes necessary to implement a private mail server. This solution has many advantages. First of all, your own server provides greater configuration options for mailboxes. As a result, the size of the attachments sent or the neccessarydisk space of the email box are no longer a problem. The Zimbra server is an excellent solution in such occasions.

Zimbra server was built in Java servlet, using open code, which allows its dynamic development and adaptation to requirements. Moreover, the server is managed via an intuitive web console based on AJAX technology.

What does your own Zimbra-based mail server allow ?

Zimbra is available both in a free or in a paid version. A detailed description of each edition is available on the manufacturer’s website .

As part of the service, we offer comprehensive implementation of a private e-mail server in several basic stages. To begin with, we prepare a plan and schedule of activities, and then we move on to its implementation with appropriate safeguards. We also transfer data from the previous e-mail server, and, above all, we train employees. Most importantly, we finally start the Zimbra backup system. With long-term cooperation, we provide support and full administration of the Zimbra mail server.

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