Advanced Protection Program

Currently, more and more technology companies focus on user safety, and therefore invest in tools that enable  adequate protection. In this regard,  Google Chrome is not an exception. With its subsequent versions, it becomes richer in functions that ensure the safe use of the application. The Advanced Protection Program is a service with which the latest browser update has been integrated. Its key task is to protect users against the dangers lurking in the network. The same program was previously implemented as Gmail advanced mail protection.

Google Chrome with the Advanced Protection Program – what does this mean?

Currently, Internet users choose to increase protection when using the network. Therefore, hackers and cyber criminals change their strategy, by trying to threaten Internet users in a different way than the one via e-mail. They release malicious software and so-called “Drive-by downloads” through which users download malicious files.

The Advanced Protection program can alert users of potential hazards. Internet users who have activated Chrome Sync start receiving automatic alerts whenever they try to download risky files and malware that is a real threat to their computer. In extreme cases, Chrome can completely block the download of dangerous files.

As reported by IT services, the new security system is to be more stringent than those used by Internet users at present. Importantly, there will be no requirement to install any additional programs on the hardware. The files are to be analyzed by tools implemented on Google’s servers.