Advanced Protection Program

Currently, more and more technology companies focus on user safety, and therefore invest in tools that enable  adequate protection. In this regard,  Google Chrome is not an exception. With its subsequent versions, it becomes richer in functions that ensure the safe use of the application. The Advanced Protection Program is a service with which the …

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firefox symbol

Firefox Private Network

The Firefox team has been working for many years to ensure that products and services that they create fully meet the multidimensional needs of Internet users. To this end, a pilot test program (Test Pilot) was launched to check and help refining products targeted at users. Tips sent by registered customers were invaluable in this …

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Qsync and file synchronization

Efficient file synchronization between company devices is an extremely important issue that has a key impact on the efficiency of teamwork. The Qsync application allows data to be transferred between the QNAP NAS and corporate devices such as laptops, computers and remote devices. It’s the perfect solution for companies where several employees work on the …

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wi-fi 6 symbol

What is Wi-Fi 6?

The new Wi-Fi 6 standard, also known as 802.11ax, is currently the cutting edge of wireless connectivity. At first glance, it could seem that  there is only a sign behind the name Wi-Fi 6, which in practice does not matter much. In fact, however, the new generation of Wi-Fi networks has many advantages that ensure …

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Mattermost – company messenger

Internet messenger for companies is currently one of the most commonly used and at the same time the fastest solutions that improve communication between employees. It facilitates communication between team members working on a joint project, but also work well when dealing with clients. Mattermost is currently considered the best and the most extensive tool …

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Zakapturzony człowiek na tle miasta

Is antivirus needed?

Antivirus is by definition a program that, in short, protects your computer against malware, especially in the age of the Internet. There are many such solutions available on the market that more or less fulfill their task. Antivirus software, like any other, has its supporters, whose first action after a fresh installation of the operating …

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Why should I use a VPN?

The VPN abbrevioation sounds rather mysterious. For some it may be even a bit threatening. However, it is not as devil as it is painted. Three inconspicuous letters hide great power that can prove to be salutary. What is a VPN? To start with, it’s worth explaining what a VPN network is. The abbrevaiotion stands …

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Disk encryption – VeraCrypt

An antivirus program, password-protected acces and other security measures are sometimes not enough to protect confidential data from unauthorized persons. What if someone manages to copy our personal files directly from our desktop computer, because he gained a direct access to it by taking advantage of our inattention ? Or what if we unfortunately lose …

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