wi-fi 6 symbol

What is Wi-Fi 6?

The new Wi-Fi 6 standard, also known as 802.11ax, is currently the cutting edge of wireless connectivity. At first glance, it could seem that  there is only a sign behind the name Wi-Fi 6, which in practice does not matter much. In fact, however, the new generation of Wi-Fi networks has many advantages that ensure more efficient operation of the equipment which is connected to it. First and foremost, Wi-Fi 6 provides better performance, flexibility and scalability. This, in turn, has an impact on the speed of new as well as existing wireless networks and on their bandwidth, what is of a great importance in view of technological development and new, more demanding applications. In addition, Wi-Fi 6 provides less latency, longer battery life and greater range. It also features improvements in security elements.

So what are the benefits of Wi-Fi 6?

1. Higher speed.

Mobile networks based on the 4G standard are an unquestionable improvement for mobile devices that have no access to a landline internet. However, this does not change the fact that whenever there is such a possibility, users willingly use a connection to a Wi-Fi network. Especially since it gives much more possibilities and stability when working or downloading files.

Wi-Fi 6 requires a new router and compatible equipment in order to work efficiently and to use all the connection power without any problems. Routers and laptops adapted for the new generation will have ability to use the link speed of up to 10 GB / s. This is three times better than the one achieved by the predecessor – Wi-Fi 5. In the case  more equipment work simultaneously in the net, the new Wi-Fi technology can provide a speed of up to 100 Mb / per device. According to specialists, home internet speed in the range from 250 Mb / s to 1 GB / s is not a major problem for new routers. Mu-MiMO technology, which uses Wi-Fi 6 can significantly accelerate the data transfer.

2. Less battery consumption.

The Wi-Fi 6 standard includes support for all accessories as part of Internet of Things and compatibility with the latest Intel processors. According to specialists, the battery performance is around 20% better as compared to the previously tested Wi-Fi 5. In addition, more efficient Wi-Fi 6 systems installed in newer laptops allow to refresh processes and work in sleep mode.

3. Secure hotspots.

Faster identification of users and devices that connect to the public network via routers with Wi-Fi 6 technology is a priority for network companies. Cooperation with major brands ensures greater security of data transfer. In the event of any problem or threat, Wi-Fi 6 enables a rapid response and minimizes the risk of hacker attacks.
Undoubtedly, the most important change is the acceleration of data transmission for public networks. This means that Wi-Fi 6 networks for instance at airports, in cafes or concert halls will have better connection stability, even when hundreds of users will use it.

4. Less frequent obstacles when using Wi-Fi 6.

Currently, in most hotels, public places or even airports a potential user logs into the network via an e-mail address or specially generated code. However, Wi-Fi 6 is to provide much simpler access to wireless internet. Logging into “known places” will only be required the first time. The equipment and network will remember the user, without the risk that he will be forced to provide login details each time he wants to use the network. This is specially usefull for companies that have branches around the world. In addition, Wi-Fi 6 ultimately requires WPA3 certification. It enables better encryption of transmitted information, while ensuring security, especially in public places.

There is no doubt that the new generation of wireless network is a technology that will benefit all users. First of all, it will provide less delay when using the Internet and when working on several documents at the same time. Downloading more files, regardless of their size, will also be accelerated. However, you will have to wait for this standard for a while. The implementation of the new generation and the creation of equipment adapted to it will take some time. Certainly devices supporting Wi-Fi 6, as new and innovtive on the market, will initially be much more expensive than the average. Entrepreneurs and corporations will therefore benefit from this technology much faster than mass users.

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