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Firefox Private Network

The Firefox team has been working for many years to ensure that products and services that they create fully meet the multidimensional needs of Internet users. To this end, a pilot test program (Test Pilot) was launched to check and help refining products targeted at users. Tips sent by registered customers were invaluable in this case. They guided the creators of the program and enabled them to accurately meet the requirements of potential recipients. Currently, the pilot test program has been restarted, and its task is to test the beta version of the latest project: Firefox Private Network.

Firefox Private Network – what is it?

At a time when there is a growing demand for privacy protection, the Firefox team has released an extension of the browser that provides secure and encrypted internet access. The network connection and users’ personal data are protected at the browser level, regardless of where they use the Firefox browser.

With the development of new technologies, there are many ways to reveal confidential information and personal data of network users. Internet threats are really everywhere. Theft can occur through unverified messages or even through an unsecured public Wi-Fi network that is used by many people at the same time. Such activities endanger users’ personal data. An extension created for the popular Firefox browser helps protecting against cyber criminals who are just waiting for the right moment to capture information.

In order to  test the new browser today you only need to register. Account holders have the priority to check the operation of products and services that have not yet been released for official distribution.

Firefox Private Network features:

Protection when using a public Wi-Fi network.

Regardless of where the Internet network comes from, using Firefox, we can be sure that our connection is protected. This is because of a special web browser tunnel that encrypts information such as visited websites and the personal and financial data.

Hide IP.

The IP address is like the address of the computer used by the user. By hiding it, we prevent ad networks from tracking your browsing history. Firefox Private Network encrypts the IP address and guarantees protection against tracking modules on the Internet.

Additional privacy protection.

There is a special button in the browser extension that informs about protection activity. It can be turned on or off at any time, depending on whether or not the additional privacy protection is needed.