NextCloud for companies

NextCloud is a private cloud system that is equivalent to a popular public cloud, but better protectedthan the latter, because it is not exposed to cyber threats. The operation of a private company cloud is based on the fact that the system responding to the software is installed on the company server. As a result, company’s data does not leave its location and is better protected. Expanding the  cloud is not associated with additional costs of annual subscriptions, but only with the expansion of local server resources. NextCloud also works well in companies that do not have sufficiently fast Internet connection needed to exchange data with a server on the Internet. Moreover, it is possible to configure access to the company’s cloud from anywhere in the world by using a VPN connection in case of working remotely.

The NextCloud private cloud system is free. It is installed on the company’s server, to which it connects via a web browser. The system gives individual users appropriate privileges with access to data and activities that they can carry out as part of their work.

NextCloud – basic product features

– Saving, exchanging, deleting and sharing company’s files via the network.

– Providing encrypted and time-limited links to users who do not have an account in the system.

– Encryption function that guarantees the security of data storage and transmission.

– Synchronisarion of data on mobile devices, laptops and desktops.

– Access to data without connecting to the server.

– Intuitive interface via a web browser or application installed on a mobile device.

– Integration with disks / servers / external services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox.

– Organization of group work (joint work on tasks, synchronization of contacts, calendars and e-mail accounts).

– Synchronization of mail and calendars with external services such as Outlock, Mozilla etc.

– Possibility to extend functionality by installing additional modules.

NextCloud is a great solution if you need to have access to your data from several devices. Synchronization occurs automatically as soon as the devices are within range of the company’s network. It is also possible to connect through a VPN in a remote situation.