Secure network in the company

Nowadays, the Internet has grown so much that daily work of most companies depend on its operation. Electronic mailboxes, sales systems, administrative panels, websites, marketing – the Internet offers a lot of possibilities, but you must also remember that there are also threats behind these opportunities. Entrepreneurs must therefore be aware of dangers lurking in the network and ishould mplement appropriate safeguards in order to protect themselves from them. How can a secure network not be a luxury good for business?

Secure network – what to look for?

Many Internet users think that a good antivirus software will do the trick and eill fully protect them against online threats. Unfortunately, nothing could be more wrong. Antivirus program protects the hardware, and what about the network itself ? Securing the network devices, i.e. Wi-Fi routers, ensuring the stability of the network and training employees on principles of secure Internet-use should be priorities of every company and are milestones in protection against massive and costly losses.

1. Secure network and router.

Securing a router is the basis of the network-security system in a company. Why ? Because router provides Internet access to all users. If your company uses a Wi-Fi wireless network, it’s especially important not to give unauthorized access to it. Factory settings of routers, unfortunately, do not give full protection and, therefore, you need to properly configure the device. First of all, pay attention to the access data to the router’s administrative console, i.e. change the default password and choose your own one that will be difficult to guess. The same applies to access data for a wireless connection. Here you need to ensure proper encryption (WPA2) and a strong network password. It is recommended that the network password is long, contain uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as special characters.

2. Safe use of the Internet

One should keep in mind that even the best anti-virus programs or network security will not fulfill their function in case of prudence of users. Setting passwords that are weak, i.e., easy to crack or to guess, as well as opening suspicious attachments are the most common causes of computer infections and can disarm even the best security systems. That is why proper employee training is so important.

3. Spare link

Ensuring a stable and uninterrupted Internet connection is, contrary to appearances, a very important issue. Using services of only one company supplier can result in discontinuity of the work of a company. A few hours of breakdown and downtime in access to the network can completely paralyze a business that is mainly based on Internet services. Therefore, it is recommended that entrepreneurs cautiously take care of a spare, independent Internet connection.

4. Emergency power supply

A stable internet connection is not everything. When most of the systems in the company rely on online operation, you also need to ensure a constant power supply. For a small business, sometimes a well-charged laptop with mobile internet access is enough. For larger companies with more devices, this may not be enough. I such a case a dedicated emergency power supply is the only proper solution.

A properly secured and stable network is nowadays the basis of proper functioning of almost every business. It is therefore worth taking care of the structure of the network already at the stage of its planning and building, without the stress of failures and unforeseen downtime later on.