IT company – how to choose?

The choice of IT support for business is one of the key issues on which proper functioning and security of an enterprise depend. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine a business to develop properly without a comprehensive IT support. Contrary to what it may seem, it is difficult to find  an IT company that fulfills well all the needs of a client. Especially in the era of widely developed commercial marketing, which bombards consumers  from all sides with attractive and nice-sounding advertising slogans.

What to look for when choosing an IT company that will serve our company?

1. Experience is the foundation of effective action

First of all, you should look for a company that has experience in cooperating with similar entities. That this seemingly insignificant detail is of a great importance for a smooth cooperation on the IT & business level. An IT company without experience may have problems with a basic support and implementation of appropriate procedures that will meet the client’s needs. Sooner or later, such an unexperienced IT company can effectively hinder the achievement of business goals.

2. The IT company should respond quickly

The time at which the IT company responds to emerging technical problems seems harmless at first, but in the event of a computer failure on which important data and files are located, a delay of a proper response can have serious consequences for the company. That is why it is advisable to have the cooperation with a flexible partner, who will be able to support us in critical situations.

3. Not quantity but quality of services

Before making a final choice, it is worth finding out how the IT company, whose services we intend to use, communicates with clients. At what time does it respond to queries, whether or not it uses the notification system and allows the client to continously track the progress of its work. The customer approach, conversations, problems and negotiations are equally important. If, at the first contact, an IT company shows initiative and commitment, it’s a good sign and a hint as to how cooperation will look in practice. Good communication will certainly improve cooperation and allow you to manage your work time during breakdowns.

4. Specialist knowledge is worth its weight in gold

The quality of IT services certainly depends  very much also on the professional and specialized knowledge of technicians who work in the IT company. IT specialists who take care of the company should constantly improve their qualifications, undergo training in new technologies, follow current technological trends and have appropriate certificates to offer their services. The effectiveness of cooperation will strongly depend on this.

5. IT company and its reputation

Checking the opinion of other customers of the IT company sgould always precede the choice of a potential IT partner. References issued by clients that already have used services of a given IT company may prove to be a very valuable guide. Although the number of references is not always an indicator of high quality services, the lack of any opinions about an IT company should be a worrysome signal.

6. IT company should take care of security

This feature should come first in this article, because IT security is now a priority for every small and large enterprise. In the modern world,  the threats lurking for users of IT systems are growing along with the development of information technology. This results in a natural need to implement the most effective tools for securing company systems, databases or customer information. An IT company that guarantees security must know how to protect business data from leakage and hacker attacks, as well as demonstrate that it has knowledge in the field of restrictive GDPR rules.

7. IT company and service costs

For many entrepreneurs, the cost of services is a decisive criterion when choosing a company offering IT services. However, it is important to remember that the price is not always a good indicator of quality. The cheaper the service, the bigger it should raise doubts. It does not mean that an expensive offer is more valuable. However, it is certainly more important what is actually included in the proposed service than what the price of it is. That is why paingattention to details is very important at the initial stage of communication with an IT company. Sometimes it is better to pay extra money, but at the same time to be guaranteed faster response and greater availability of specialists. All this depends on the cpecific needs of the company.

Elements that we have highlighted in the above text are the most important, but not the only issues to consider when choosing an IT company. The more information we get about a given partner, the greater the chance of establishing satisfying cooperation for many years there is. However, you can not forget about the face to face meeting, which very often will tell you more than a large pile of good references, convincing advertising slogans or promises made.