Security in an IT company

IT security should be an absolute priority for every entrepreneur. Even the smallest loopholes in the system can cause serious losses and expose the company not only to costs, but also serious problems. Securing information about contractors or company finances is the basis of a successful business. Therefore, it is worth using IT services that, by implementing appropriate procedures, will reduce the risk arising from cyber threats.

IT security in a company – what is it about?

Simply put, IT security in a company is a set of procedures and solutions in the field of information technology, which aims to minimize the risk associated with the use of company’s IT equipment and its network. Therefore, IT security is associated with building processes that will ensure operation of individual devices that will be in accordance with intentions and expectations of users. However, implementiation of the system-security is a long-term process that is difficult to accomplish. Errors and faults that can lead to irreversible data corruption are very common. That is why it is so important to utilize the competence of specialists in this field and to employ an IT company that will help to eliminate such problems.

IT security – the most common mistakes

1. Design errors

Design errors are simpy called bugs of the software. They usually result from erroneous IT protocols and encryption, which become vulnerable to attacks. It is also often the case that the authentication process does not fulfill its original function. Here, banking applications are a good example. They are more and more often attacked by hackers, and losses in such a case can be huge. Giving up installing applications that arouse suspicions is a good approach to this problem.

2. Operator errors

An operator error is an incorrect  behavior of a user who does not have adequate training and often does not understand the principles of safe use of software or the IT system in a company. Opening email’s attachment of unknown origin is one of the most common mistakes. Such an attachment can carry a virus, which through carelessness can infect not only specific equipment, but the entire system and can paralyze the company’s work. Ignoring warning messages is another example of a very common operator error. This mainly applies to attachments that theoretically come from a trusted source. Although the system indicates that the attached file is a threat, the user opens the attachment. In this case, the only solution is to use the services of an IT company that will properly train staff and implement data protection processes against loss.

3. Lack of anti-virus

Sometimes companies give up installing high quality anti-virus software. And yet a good antivirus can block a dangerous file or other attempted attack by malware. Specialists from an IT company with appropriate knowledge and experience are able to advise which protection will be most effective.

4. No password protection

Unfortunately, many IT-system users still do not pay attention to protecting their passwords. It often happens that the passwords set by employees are too short and easy to guess. However, the biggest problem is that often passwords are not protected in any way and, therefore, unauthorized access to then is very easy.

Disturbing the company’s IT security can be extremely easy if proper procedures are not implemented. Recklessness of employees or access to your company’s email is all  wht is needed to infect equipment and effectively disrupt your business, exposing it to big losses. Professional IT service is becoming a good habit in companies for which maintaining the highest standards of system security is important.