Mattermost – company messenger

Internet messenger for companies is currently one of the most commonly used and at the same time the fastest solutions that improve communication between employees. It facilitates communication between team members working on a joint project, but also work well when dealing with clients. Mattermost is currently considered the best and the most extensive tool of this type.

Mattermost – what exactly is it and how does it work?

Mattermost is a simple to use and intuitive group communication system , which in design resembles its well-known colleague – Slack. The incredible advantage of the system is flexibility, thanks to which companies and organizations receive a system that perfectly fits into the work model and needs of a given company, regardless of its size. The Mattermost communication center also ensures availability on any device, wherever you are. It allows you to create your own private hosted chat system, thanks to which communication of the entire team takes place in one place. This, in turn, allows you to create both group and private chats.

General characteristics of the Mattermost

The administrator of a system in which Mattermost has been implemented has the right to monitor the statistics of individual teams and change the role of their members. In addition, he can create new teams, add and delete accounts and configure individual settings. Users can, however, send invitations to each other or add users to existing chat groups. An undoubted advantage is the fact that if a user for some reason cannot directly participate in the discussion, he will receive information via e-mail. Another advantage of this application is that it can be installed not only on computers, but also on Android or iOS systems, which simpliefies contact with other users.

Mattermost – system requirements:

– QNAP NAS with x86 processor;

– QTS 4.3.3. or newer;

– Container Station v1.7.2415 or newer;

– port forwarding on the NAS.

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