Zakapturzony człowiek na tle miasta

Is antivirus needed?

Antivirus is by definition a program that, in short, protects your computer against malware, especially in the age of the Internet. There are many such solutions available on the market that more or less fulfill their task. Antivirus software, like any other, has its supporters, whose first action after a fresh installation of the operating system is to download the appropriate security package. However, there are also opponents who claim that nowadays in view of the advanced information technology, anti-virus is something absolutely unnecessary. How is it really ?

What is an antivirus?

An antivirus program is nothing more than a security package whose task is to detect and fight computer viruses and malware. Such programs are usually equipped with file monitors, which are designed to check the media connected to the computer and their files. In addition to monitors, anti-viruses contain scanners. These identify cyber threats that appear on a computer’s disk, on pages visited, or on uploaded or downloaded files. Very often, along with the scanner and the mechanism of checking the computer in real time, the anti-virus provides a firewall. This is to prevent access to your computer through gaps in its system infrastructure. In addition, good anti-viruses have functionalities that scan your e-mail, if you use a system e-mail client, and other elements that are designed to prevent specific dangers.

Thus, the answer to the question of whether or not an antivirus is really needed actually comes to mind itself. Yes, unless we use firewalls or programs implemented in our computer’s operating system.

Antivirus – what you should know

Currently, the network offers many options for choosing between anti-virus programs offered by manufacturers specializing in such products. Some of them are available to users completely free. They offer quite decent protection, but unfortunately not full. To comprehensively secure your computer, you would have to buy a full package, and this involves a considerable annual expense in the form of a subscription.

It should also be mentioned that one of the most common problems of anti-viruses released on the market is the lack of updates. Software producers often react too late to threats circulating in the network, and thus delay the implementation of patches. It may seem that this is nothing, but in a situation of direct threat to your computer, you only need a few hours to lose all the data stored on the equipment. Not to mention the fact that within such a time several hundred computers can be attacked simultaneously with the same virus. A figth against such an opponent turns out to be impossible to win.

Maybe antivirus is not absolutely necessary on every computer, but installing it certainly does not hurt at all and can only help. For those who do not want to spend money on paid versions of antivirus programs, it is recommended to install programs under a free license, which are usually sufficient in abasic protection of their equipment. However, it should be remembered that neither a paid nor a free antivirus program can replace a common-sense when using a computer.