Złoty klucz leży na czarnej klawiaturze - hasło na dokument.

Password for the document in LibreOffice

Although LibreOffice belongs is a free software, it is increasingly used not only by private individuals, but also for commercial purposes. So, gathering important data in the LibreOffice spreadsheet, there may be a time when we want to secure the document. Therefore, the password will avoid situations in which an unauthorized person reads the information stored in such a file.

LibreOffice enables strong file encryption using the AES algorithm with a 256-bit key, which in turn is derived from the key via a special function (PBKDF2).

In the free LibreOffice package, password protection is not a complicated task. Below is a brief instruction on how to get started. However, it is worth remembering that the key chosen by us was strong and difficult to crack.

How to set up a password on a spreadsheet and LibreOffice document?

1. Select the “Save as” option from the “File” tab.

2. Set the document name and location to save it and uncheck the “Save with password” box, and then save the changes by clicking “Save”.

3. The “Set password” window will open, where you must enter the key we have set and repeat it. Finally, confirm with “OK”.

4. We close the file, and from now on, any attempt to open it will require entering the access text.

Change of access password

1. After opening the encrypted file, select the “Properties” option from the “File” tab.

2. In the opened window go to the “General” tab and select the “Change password” option.

3. A window will open in which you must enter the new key, repeat it and confirm the change by clicking “OK”.

Setting different passwords for opening and editing a file

1. When setting the key for the file, expand the “Options” field.

2. Check the “Open read-only file” box.

3. Enter the second password.

In this situation, by entering the first main password when opening the file, the document will open in read-only mode. Therefore, if you want to edit it, enter the second key.