Securing mobile devices

Information is the most valuable commodity for modern companies. Often, not only their proper functioning depends on effective protection of information, but also the achievement of business goals that affect their development. It is worth noting that nowadays the most important company-data is stored not only on computers. Telephones used by lawyers of absolutely every company have successfully supplanted their older and definitely more powerful technological brothers. Today, the phone has ceased to be just a communication tool and has become a business partner in which a lot of valuable information is stored. Unfortunately, with the development of phone capabilities, the risk of losing the data contained in them increases. However, there are ways to protect mobile devices from leaking confidential information. Three most effective methods of securing mobile devices systems are the following .

1. Full control of the mobile device

Usually used by enterprises that provide employees with company equipment for business purposes. The system is managed via a central console accessible from a web browser. The so-called “agent” application is installed on the employee’s device, while all settings are automated by sending an e-mail. The management console is also designed to define a policy for using individual devices. This mainly includes setting which applications the user will be able to use and what actions he will be able to perform on the device. In addition, it can enforce specific hardware settings for Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, VPN, incoming and outgoing calls, SMS and roaming. Sometimes it can even specify access to websites, network protocols, password policy, usage of certain anti-virus scanners, force the installation of required applications or delete data in the event of theft or loss.

2. Protection of company data in the business profile as a way of securing mobile devices

The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend is found more and more often. In this case, an employee uses his own smartphone or tablet in business matters, and the scope of data protection is limited only to business applications, i.e. email, calendar, contacts and task list. Access to these applications is, however, protected by a PIN code, which, if entered incorrectly three times, locks the device or cleans all data from the company area. In addition, the defined settings may or may not allow opening attachments and documents from outside. As with the previous method, the security policy also applies here, which, among others, enforces password configuration rules, installation of an antivirus software, requires periodically scanning of the device and proper Wi-Fi and VPN settings. This type of management takes place via a central console connected to the Internet.

3. List of encrypted SSL communication

It means encrypting access to company applications by combining SSL communication encryption with the server that provide those applications. Any work in the company program is carried out by providing a virtual desktop to which every individually logged user has an access, however,, without a permition to copy data to his own device. All data saved in this way is stored in one secure place on the company server. This treatment significantly affects the company’s secret information protection system. The only condition for this method to work on a mobile device is to install a program which establishes a secure connection to the system server. This program is called Secure Access.

Regardless of which method you choose, remember that information is now the most valuable asset of any enterprise. Therefore, it should be the priority to protect against an unauthorized access to it on stationary as well as on mobile devices. In the era of the Internet and the increased activity of cyber criminals, you can be never sure that someone is not trying to posses the confidential information of your company at the very moment. Therefore, it is better to protect it in advance and not give unauthorized persons any opportunity to do so.