Spam – how to protect yourself?

Spam alike viruses is one of the biggest grief of Internet users. Unwanted messages can make e-mail use more troublesome, but there are ways to fight with spam effectively.

What is spam ?

Spam is an electronic message that is sent unchanged to the email addresses of many users. The main purpose of spam is advertising products or services or sometimes inviting to visit a website or an event. It is worth remembering, however, that spam is subject to the law, which prohibits sending commercial messages if a receipient has not agreed to it.

Spam – how to deal with it ?

Once our email address gets into the spammers database, the fight against spam is very difficult. Although anti-virus programs are constantly updated and modernized and are increasingly better at fighting spam, thry do not guarantee that the problem will disappear completely. The best solution is to follow some key preventive principles that will protect us from spammer activities.

1. Provide your e-mail address only to trusted partners, hence, read carefully the terms and conditions of service and regulations of processing the personal data. Be careful when visiting pages that require an email address to register.

2. When providing your full email address, replace the “@” with [at], instead of “. ” enter [period]. This will make it harder for the bots to capture your email address.

3. Use contact forms instead of providing an email address. Contact forms have special security features to protect against spam scourge.

4. Receiving the letter “chain” which has been sent to several different receipeints at the same time – ignore it.

5. If you receive e-mail that you did not order, contact the sender and request that your address is removed from the mailing list. Each sender is required to comply with your request. Don’t believe the annotations about one-time shipping or a public email address.

You can also use the option to block the sender by putting him on your own “black list”.

6. Do not open attachments from unknown senders, because it is usually a source of malware that will instantly infect your computer.

7. Enter the JavaScript code that is responsible for displaying the email address and the mailto function. Entering an email address this way should effectively prevent robots from identifying your email address.

8. Never reply to spam messages and don’t use promotional offers to buy goods or services. The same applies to replying to messages claiming that you have won a contest in which you have never participated.

9. Unsubscribe from newsletters that you do not read.

These are only a few methods to protect yourself against spam. In order to fight unwanted messages even more effectively, it is worth investing in an anti-spam program, which will additionally protect you against such threats. It is also important to regularly update the software that we use, because the versions contain numerous patches and comprehensive security packages.